1) The state or quality of infinite rebirth and renewal. Spring is the time when winter melts away, flowers bloom, produce abounds, and all the world seems new again. Springfinity, quite literaly, is infinite spring.

2) A school of thought which believes that a life incorporating farming and gardening is among the most rewarding of lives.

3) A company founded by gardening enthusiasts that helps people discover the joys of the garden.

Members of

google developers

the gnome team


Anand Sankar

Gardener.Sports enthusiast. Digital Marketeer.MICAn


Shifaz Salim

Gardener. Traveler. Ecopreneur.IIM-I

our advisors

Dr. Pushkala Sankar

Orchid Collector. Anaesthesiologist

Mr. Tom G Kavalam

Financial Advisor
Partner, GTK Associates

Mr.Showmik C

Digital design expert
Art director, Propaganda India

Mrs.Susheela K

Nursery director
Organic farmer

Mrs.Priya Jayaraman

Digital evangelist
Founder & MD,Propaganda India

Mr.Kenneth Sebastian

Coding Ninja
Yahoo Inc.

We love our plants at the garden of forever. If you would like to know how we do what we do, please click on the link below.

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The garden has also been featured in the news, and on various blogs since its inception. Read more about Springfinity here

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